For the new board, I wanted it to be fun in small (2-3 ft) and medium sized waves (3-6 ft). It would need the following characteristics:

  • Fast,
  • Easy to paddle,
  • Easy to duck-dive,
  • Can catch waves early,
  • Easy to carve and turn, to enjoy the best parts of the wave.

To me, that vaguely translated to:

  • Quad-fin (no center fin for speed),
  • Not too short (enough volume to reduce drag),
  • Not too much volume, especially at the nose (not too buoyant),
  • Flatter rocker with swallow tail (planing speed and extra push on the wave),
  • Not too long.

The soft-top board used to be great at satisfying most of those characteristics, but due to its length, it did not turn as well as I hoped. By removing the green foam, I would have reduced the buoyancy by a significant amount. The goal was to keep most of the existing shape, shorten it, give it a swallow tail, a sharper nose (for duck diving), reduce the rocker, give it round 60/40 rails for decent speed vs maneuverability, and give it a concave for speed.

I had to work within the dimensions of the leftover foam of the soft-top surfboard which was going to be the new blank. I measured up the blank and started designing. Here’s a picture of the design I came up with:


More coming in the next post!


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