Since 2015, SchittyDesigns has been dedicated to nothing really… But recycling old products and giving them new life sounded like fun. And so through hard work, innovation, and imported spare parts from China, watch me as I work on a few projects here and there.

Over the last year, SchittyDesigns has grown from a simple idea to an almost cutting edge thing (like a knife), catering to the most amazing average downhill athlete in the world, New Zealand, Auckland. It started with the worlds first and only Schitty Action Camera (a.k.a. SchCam), which was made with cheap materials and a low-budget in mind, and not too surprisingly, does a very bad job of recording action footage. These guidelines have brought us through a few days of constant change in the wonderful but complicated Auckland weather system. SchittyDesigns will shape the new millennium with a bad-ass attitude, innovative design, recycling, and a low-budget as our main focus in our projects.

“The driving force behind SchittyDesigns is the demand for cheap products created by almost bankrupt PhD students. To provide these useless academics with the cheapest, working designs is my passion.” – Someguy, Designer

SchittyDesigns (SD) is a privately owned organization, with one person (me), who is not focused…on anything. Located in a state-of-the-art shed just meters away from your local park , the SD HQ represents a foundation for doing things the hard way, on the cheap, with barely any gear.